Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to say, "Yes!" Elmira is dedicated to the national movement to keep higher education affordable, 以低廉的成本提供一流的教育. Whether you are considering 埃尔迈拉大学 as an incoming first-year, 转移, 或者一个研究生, we will work with you to explore every option and start you on your journey. We know the financial part of choosing a college is a big decision, so you are automatically reviewed for a scholarship or award when accepted at Elmira. 

Nearly 100% of undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid

Nearly 100% of undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid

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Are you looking to receive federal financial assistance from 埃尔迈拉大学? 好了,我们开始吧. First, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA). 完成FAFSA是你获得联邦学生援助的入场券. Elmira uses this application to determine your eligibility for school- and state-specific aid. File your FAFSA as soon as possible to access the most amount of aid that can be awarded to you based on your financial need.



mg冰球突破豪华版下载以低廉的成本提供一流的教育, with scholarships specifically for first-time undergraduates, 转移, 以及国际本科生. Amounts range from $13,000 to $25,000, with five competitive, full-tuition scholarships available. Students accepted for admission are automatically reviewed for a scholarship or award. The highest-value scholarship is awarded if a student qualifies for multiple academic scholarships or awards.



The work-study program gives students valuable work experience while earning a wage to use towards college expenses. Students work in more than 20 different offices on Elmira's campus, 比如图书馆, Admissions, 以及校园生活. Work-study jobs are funded by 埃尔迈拉大学 and the federal government and are based on financial need. Work aid positions are not based on financial need but and are available to all students.


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埃尔迈拉大学 offers federal, state, and institutional 奖助金. Government entities and private organizations are also options. 虽然每个人都有不同的资格, most ask students to provide their financial background and academic information. 首先,你必须完成FAFSA. 和我们的 财政援助办公室 协助填写申请表.



Elmira offers unique education benefits and resources for veterans, 现役军人, 和家属. We also provide tuition assistance for active duty and reservists through their military branch and the Department of Defense.


学费 & 成本

Elmira's tuition is one of the lowest tuition rates compared to others in the region, which means getting a distinctive degree is affordable and valuable. We also offer students a variety of options to reduce costs, 包括奖学金, 奖助金, 和勤工助学. Nearly 100% of students receive some form of financial aid. 除了, 如果你想攻读学位, 即使是兼职, you may be eligible for financial aid in the form of 贷款.

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有这么多的大学可供选择, and we know the financial part of the equation is a big one. We will gladly set up time to help you answer questions and to put your mind at ease.